A good headshot will communicate the emotions that you or your company stands for.

The goal of Manzo Photography’s headshot program is to provide high quality headshots to all the people from the High Desert who commute every day to the Los Angeles area to pursue their business, acting, or professional careers. Having a high quality headshot service available in the High Desert will save these people the hassle of having to commute another day. You will be able to wake up, get your groceries, take your headshot, then spend the rest of the day with your loved ones. No one-and-a-half hour drive to spend 30 minutes with an overbooked photographer to then spend another hour and a half returning home!

Generally, when photographing a single outfit, the client will receive three to five completed photos. Obviously we will take many more photos, but together we will whittle the possibly hundreds of photos to the best of the best. I will then edit and do any necessary touchups before sending them to the client for approval.

That being said, there are a couple types of headshots that we capture at Manzo Photography:

Business Headshots

Business headshots are one of the most important components when attempting to connect with your audience. It attaches a face and an expression to your business.

Before the our appointment to take the photos, I will usually communicate with the client through through email or over the phone. During this conversation we will discuss the type of business, the values of the business, and how you would like to present yourself on these photos. This is an extremely important step as it allows me to properly prepare for the photo shoot by planning the lighting, the type of background (backdrop or on location), and if on location we can plan the place and time together. Lastly, we will discuss the format in which the client will be using the photos. This is vital information as content intended for different mediums may require different processing and different formats in order to achieve the highest possible quality.

After this conversation, you can relax until the day of your headshot session arrives. All will be taken care of.

Actor Headshots

Calm and cool, nerdy and quirky, class clown. These are different characters that you may want to convey in your headshot. A good headshot is the most important thing involved in getting chosen for a role. Here, at Manzo Photography we have a system that ensures that you will get the perfect headshot every time.

Before meeting, we will have a discussion on the type of headshot you would like. The two main types of headshots are classic headshots and character headshots. Classic headshots are generally a clean photo of you in your normal clothes that shows your facial features. Character headshots, on the other hand, can become quite time intensive. These will convey the a particular character or “look” that the casting director may be looking for. These headshots can be useful as they allow the casting director to more easily visualize you in the role.

After we discuss the type of headshot, we will then discuss time and locations desired. Once we talk, I will do all the planning needed to successfully pull off the look that you are going for. All you have to do is show up and smile.

Editorial Headshots

Editorial headshots in recent years have changed names a few times over. Sometimes they are called lifestyle headshots, but their goal is the same. Editorial (or lifestyle) headshots are meant to tell the story of you, your friends, your family. This category of headshots is absolutely perfect for updating your friends and family on instagram. It can also be used in place of posed family portraits when sending out holiday cards.

As with all other headshots, editorial headshots will require a certain level of work beforehand. I will speak with you to understand the story you want to convey and how you would like it captured. We will then discuss locations and time. After that we’ll be all set to go until the day of the shoot!


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